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(September 1999 - March 2000)

The Narmada River Gallery

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The Indian government has major plans for the Narmada River that starts in the Amarkantah plateau in Madhya Pradesh and runs out into the Arabian sea in Gujarat. These include 3200 dams of various sizes (30 of them large) along Narmada and her tributaries. This project will incur major environmental damage but and displace many thousands of people causing economic and social hardship.

The Bhopal Gallery

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On the night of 2nd - 3rd December 1984 40 tones of Methyl Iso Cyanate and other lethal gases leaked from Union Carbide's Bhopal Factory. This remains the worst industrial accident ever. It is estimated that 8 000 people died in the immediate aftermath, that the death toll to date is 16 000 and that 500 000 people's health has been adversely effected. The "gas effected" people of Bhopal still fight for justice and compensation.

Adivasi Gallery

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Adivasi, which translates literally as 'first people', is a term that the tribes of India use to describe themselves. There are an estimated 220 million Indigenous people in the world, 67.7 million are in India, more than any other country. However, the Indian government have claimed there is no Indigenous people in India, or rather, the whole Hindu population is indigenous. As globalization and development projects affect India the Adivasi are coming under increasing pressure since their land and villages stand in the way of mining, dam and forestry projects.

Sunderlal Bahuguna Gallery

Sunderlal Baghuguna Gif

Sunderlal Bahuguna was introduced to Gandhi's home rule movement at the age of 13, now at the age of 74 he is revered as one of the founding fathers of Indian's environmental movement. He was a founder and evangelist of the Chipko movement popularly known as 'tree hugging' around the world. For the last ten years Bahuguna has been campaigning against the construction of a large dam that will flood his native Tehri-Garhwal.


Prawn fishermen on Chilka Lake, Orissa. Chilka Lake is a large coastal lake with brackish waters that are an ideal habitat for prawns. The lake's ecosystem is under great pressure from plans to make it a tourist destination and the interests of large companies that wish to exploit large scale prawn farming. The actions of these large scale communities have divided many small fishing communities. Most of the large prawns caught in Chilka Lake are sold to the Japanese market.


Sugar production along the banks of the Narmada. Sugar is a contentious crop for many reasons. Not only does it provide a cheap source of energy with zero nutritional value but it also requires an abundant supply of water to grow.


Goa is one of the places in India where cultures clash. Popular for many years with hippies and later ravers, it is now making moves to attract package tours as well as becoming the place to go for the young people of Bombay.


The metropolitan area of delhi has a population of around 19.7 million. "Old Delhi" is a very cramped area of the city centre. The photographs in this gallery where taken in and around Old Dehli in 1999, before the Delhi Metro had been built.


On the 29th October 1999 a cyclone hit the coat of Orissa devastating the state capital Bhubaneshwar. Winds reached 160 mph and over 10 000 people died. The photographs in this gallery were taken in the slums of Bhubaneshwar the day after the cyclone had reduced then to rubble.

130 Potographs Of India

130 random photographs from around India.

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